OPPEIN supplies one stop professional kitchen solution globally.

OPPEIN provides an extensive range of door/panel finishes, including painted solid wood, wood veneer, lacquer, UV lacquer, PVC, PP, HPL, acrylic metal foil, strengthened glass, sintered surface etc.

Design your own kitchen

All frontpanels of your drawers and cabinets are subject to change according to your specific requirements, and will definitely contribute to a stylish custom-made kitchen design.

Everything is organized

Drawers can be easily organized by using our optional drawer dividers, all cutleries as well as cooking toolswill be tidily organized and in place for your everyday use.

Stronger and last longer

Blum runners are used in our products.

30KG loading capacity.

100,000 opening and closing cycle test.

20 years of designed service life.

Smooth and silent operation.

Eco-friendly and safe material

All of our divider products are made from E1 complied material.